Friday, January 07, 2011

I've got it all backwards


This happened before everything that has just been posted, on the 11th of December at Paul and Aaron's apartment. As an event, it's not got a name yet, but it was a gig in a house. I played first, with some help from Anne Marie and Aaron, then Paul. Others took many photos of the gig itself, and Paul recorded it. Basically this turned into a portrait of a house party.

The day after Bethlemayhem

I don't know why this is not in the correct order of posts but but but...

Emily Aoibheann

Emily's done practically everything. Musician, writer, artist, performer, aerialist (!), actress, model... I met her through her Cixous Ghost incarnation on Myspace a while back. I got in touch when I saw that she was releasing a cassette of recordings -  Pestersome Nichts - made with a previous band named Holy Ghost Toast, a cassette that, along with a Rural Savage CD-R from the first Bethlemayhem, soundtracked many a happy breakfast-time while I was studying in Dublin. Geek Love is my favourite track from that tape; it's a floating wonderworld of a song, the non-percussion bit towards the end is just gorgeous. Thus began my down-the-rabbit-hole discovery of Emily's long list of creations and guises. A few weeks back she wanted a break from work in the large smoke so came down to visit for the weekend, which we filled with a little bit of wandering, raspberry sushi, photographs, face-smushing scanning, Father Ted and facepaint, barefoot snow frolics and chats and chats.

Bethlemayhem 2010

The Second Annual Christmas Gathering of Galway Indie and Underground Bands  aka Bethlemayhem 2 at the Roisin Dubh, 21st December 2010 etc.

Right... So, three-week-old news

I supported Somadrone (with Patrick Kelleher) on the 20th December - I picked up a cassette copy of his album and it's bloody lovely; lush, warm and bassy but the live performance is definitely the best way to listen to it. I'm all for the ramshackle equipment/performance from bands and that but it's nice to see, in a relatively intimate setting, a band using amazing-sounding equipment and using it really really well. As usual I didn't feel hugely inclined to take photos but I managed a few. I was supposed to take some photos with Ian-from-Somadrone's camera but it died and I didn't know how to revive it so switched to my own camera. Turns out it was a fairly obvious fix...

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Yet more backlog

I developed more stuff today, part finished double exposures.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

This week

A gig in my house on Saturday, can't wait. Just hope people will make the trek. I'll never ever get tired of this video, and always feel so nostalgic for the Fairy Fort when I watch/listen to it.