Friday, July 31, 2015


I've not used an SLR in months now, and am missing the heft and reassurance (and occasional excruciating ding on the hip) from my FM2. These are from summer 2009, not sure if I've posted them already but I like them, and who's counting anyway.

I "scanned" the negatives by taping them down on a sheet of white paper over a lamp, then photographing them with a digital camera. Hence the tape and general inconsistency.

I mostly gave up photographing strangers a few years ago, it became sort of morally unjustifiable; I figured people were being photographed against their will enough. But I think my mind might be changing on that score, maybe I'll go back to it. I got around the problem (and my shyness) by mostly photographing people from behind, or with their faces obscured somehow.

I think I'd like to go back to doing that now.