Friday, June 15, 2012

Yawning Chasm EP Launch w/Brigid Power Ryce and Raising Holy Sparks

 I am supra-excited about this gig. We just had a really good practice with Jimmy on the drums this evening, it's gonna be ace.

The poster is made from one of Aaron's photos plus what could be mistaken for a madman's lunatic scrawls:

 I cannot do curvy letters or a decent Y to save my life. Somehow I managed to get Raising Holy Sparks on the first go though.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Darugaries (ダルガリーズ) and Rokumantai (六万体) Tour, May 2012

Keigo, Mihara, Takashi, Koichiro, Ishihara and Keiko



The Cellar with Yawning Chasm 
+ underground car park

[Apologies for the poor sound quality - I had the yoke turned up too high]

Mihara and Brigid in Salthill



At a bell tower in a cemetery, then Lough Gur ring fort in south county Limerick



with Gavin Prior and myself
Wingnut/Hard Times Bookshop with Mixile


Gavin Prior + Rokumantai

[Listen out for Takashi dementedly keeping time by striking a heavy street pole with another heavy street pole around the 23-second mark]

with the Untz van

Kate Wingnut + Mihara

In an elevator in Dublin airport later that night/next morning