Sunday, November 29, 2015

End of Film

End of Film is the project I submitted in May this year for the photography module of my film course. It being the third time I'd studied photography I was a little tired of the same old process, so I decided to forego actually taking photographs and used these end prints to create something more interesting. Interesting for me, I mean. This video is taken from the second half of the documentation I made of the installation's first screening to my (very patient) class. There's more ends to be seen at, where I've been archiving a selection of my collection.

Here're some photos of the installation's assembly:

Lining it up

I got a bit flummoxed halfway through (maths + spatial relations being two of my very weakest areas) so had to make this janky artist's impression of how the spiral would work.

I briefly considered making a matching spiral on the floor.Thankfully, I didn't have enough ends on hand to carry this out.

I left the installation run for the day, and made a poster announcing same

That "all are welcome" at the bottom strikes me as kind of sinister now. Like patting the empty seat next to you as people get on the bus. Maybe it's why nobody came. Oh well, I had my fun and that's all that matters.