Sunday, May 08, 2011

Black Sun - dead palm tree - unforced errors - Konica Centuria

As I take more and more digital photographs every roll of film I finish is that bit more special. This particular roll is extra special as it's the last one of a batch of film called Konica Centuria I picked up a couple of years ago I-can't-remember-where. It's one of my favourite-looking colour films, and one of the best-named; futuristic and timeless.It's also not being made anymore, so any stock still around is out of date and going cheap, so I think I'll stock up while I still can. The image above, taken at the Camden Palace, was a semi-accident (as were the last two images in this post) caused not entirely by my slightly ill-functioning camera but more by my own paranoia that said camera was misfiring. When I wound the film on after I took the first photo I took the same photograph again, just in case. So it turns out the film is just not being transported properly. Still, this has given me an idea - take every photograph on a roll of film twice using the camera's multiple exposure lever. This roll is semi-defined by fortunate mistakes.

Bad Weather vs Good Weather with Dave Colohan + the layer that outstayed its welcome, happily

This was supposed to be just a straightforward set of doubles but my poor dysfunctional brain struck again as I used a roll of film that had already been exposed once, even before Dave and I did our respective layers - he in search of good weather and I in search of bad. The other layer, I can only estimate, is from around September/October 2010, judging almost solely from the photograph of Barry which I'm fairly positive I took a few days before we did the Simulacrum video shoot with Alice. There are some happy coincidences though...

The two above and below are my favourites

[Taken on Fuji Superia 200 (rated at 400) with a Cosina CX5F in Galway (me) and Ballymahon (Dave)]