Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ghosts of Miscellaneous Past II

The first layer was done around last summer to September-ish, the second and third layers were done on Christmas day, hence the appearance of small children aka my niece and nephew. Multiple exposing rolls of film takes the brains out of photography; you relinquish control over the final product which when taking the photos is totally liberating. Any meaning or significance or lack of in the image is completely down to chance, it's complete freedom.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rest bite

I really haven't got the time to be making this post but what the heck; if you can't have a biscuit with your tea then something something something free.


More from those couple of rolls of last year.
These three I suppose are of pretty significant occurrences/non-occurrences, for an assortment of reasons, none of them overly pertinent to... anyone? Nevertheless, the photos were taken and still exist.

This week, I have been mostly reading too much about ROBERT FRANK. For an oral presentation I have to give tomorrow. Though he is legendary and amazing and tragic and gifted I've had only a week to prepare this thing and most of those days were spent in buses/work/practice/gig/buses
[or is it "busses"? "Buses" makes me think it's pronounced like Gary Busey].
Hence the lack of time.
The high of an excellent gig/night had completely dissipated by yesterday morning, to be replaced by a sort of grim and petty irritation, giving way to outright joylessness and curmudgeonability. PLUS IT'S STILL REALLY COLD WHAT THE HELL.  But I digress/depress. More gigs in Cork and Limerick and I'm excited and buoyed, like an exciting buoy. And a friend has promised some free film for me this week! YESSS.