Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rest bite

I really haven't got the time to be making this post but what the heck; if you can't have a biscuit with your tea then something something something free.


More from those couple of rolls of last year.
These three I suppose are of pretty significant occurrences/non-occurrences, for an assortment of reasons, none of them overly pertinent to... anyone? Nevertheless, the photos were taken and still exist.

This week, I have been mostly reading too much about ROBERT FRANK. For an oral presentation I have to give tomorrow. Though he is legendary and amazing and tragic and gifted I've had only a week to prepare this thing and most of those days were spent in buses/work/practice/gig/buses
[or is it "busses"? "Buses" makes me think it's pronounced like Gary Busey].
Hence the lack of time.
The high of an excellent gig/night had completely dissipated by yesterday morning, to be replaced by a sort of grim and petty irritation, giving way to outright joylessness and curmudgeonability. PLUS IT'S STILL REALLY COLD WHAT THE HELL.  But I digress/depress. More gigs in Cork and Limerick and I'm excited and buoyed, like an exciting buoy. And a friend has promised some free film for me this week! YESSS.