Saturday, January 14, 2012

Walls and Floors and wilful destruction

This camera had a piece of tape on the back of it on which was written "To be doubled - First layer - walls Second layer - ground    Textures   8-5-11"

The roll was half finished so I went about taking photos of walls, not knowing if I'd already done it yet or what. Turned out I had (I think). Anyways I got impatient and bored with it so I finished it off real quick then decided to add some spice by opening up the film in a dark box and subjecting it to a few point blank half-second bursts of a torch. Bit of scraping too. 

Camera was a Cosina CX5F, film was Fujifilm Superia 200ISO, probably out of date.

Disposed camera

Film from a disposable camera found in a charity shop, put through washing machine then dryer then developed