Sunday, April 17, 2016

Inis Weird - Seaguilt

Remnants of the Hydro, Tramore

I read this interesting article by Aoife Grogan about the Hydro - a curative bathing facility opened in Tramore in the late 40's and demolished in 1992 - then went to see if I could find any traces of the building.

There seem to be few photos of the building available online, pretty much amounting to these:

This is what the site looks like now, with the head of the original right hand curving entrance wall still there, its pillar decapitated.

The only other obvious remnant is the basin of the fountain, with various bits of piping still visible around it

The rest of the field is pocked with various bits of metal (flagpoles?), cement and path bits.

This looks like the original path leading to the front door, seen in the first and fourth historical photos at the top of this post. The Ocean View Hotel (now a Direct Provision centre) is visible in each of those photos, its chimneys peeking over the roof of the Hydro.