Thursday, January 15, 2015

Front documentary

I made my first documentary for college back in November, here it is:

Front from Declan Kelly on Vimeo.

We shot it on an unexpectedly foggy day. If I'd have been given the choice I probably would have said "no fog, thank you anyway", but adjustments had to be made and now I'm glad it was there.

Sounds were unreliable; the fog played with distances and there was a muffled feel to everything. It was like a funeral in some ways, hushed and claustrophobic.

There just so happened to be people using the shooting range at the same time we were shooting. The sound of the trains going by broke the passage of time up, but irregularly. Our schedule depended on the tide, like everything else.

There were about a dozen seals in the water, coming right up to the shore at many points but making no sound whatsoever. They didn't make it into the film though.

Maybe next time, seals.