Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuam Arts Festival, Canavan's - Microscopic Pig, W├Âlflinge (Vicky Langan), Laura Sheeran

Microscopic Pig








Laura Sheeran











I've received a lot of funny looks from people in the last week, after revealing my new-found great liking for Tuam. I suppose my first proper experience of the place has spoiled me - a frigging great gig in a beautiful venue, in the middle of hanging out with Vicky for a whole two-ish days. Even the weather was perfect. Sushi, spider bites, Sol beer, big dog, bald man, chips two nights in a row, sweets by the sea and underground reverb. Yes please.


If you've not heard about Laura's pledge campaign then go here and educate yourself - support the making of her debut (double!) album and be directly responsible for aiding its release. There's a whole huge load of stuff on her website including free EPs and videos and all sorts STOP READING THIS AND GO LOOK, GIVE HER MONEY AND GET COOL STUFF.