Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fairy Fort Four

I've been putting off uploading these photographs cos I've been trying the last few days to make them into a sort of animated video thing, which was my original aim of displaying them but my computer just will not comply. So I'm putting a selection up. Hopefully I'll have figured out before too long how to make an animation using Ubuntu that doesn't practically require me to learn how to write code. Also my computer's pretty broken at this stage.

Basically what I did was set up the camera on a tripod (thanks Aaron) at the back of the room, put it on a long exposure with the remote shutter setting and took photos with the little wireless remote during the course of the night. I think there's something like two and a half hours between the first and last photo and about 2oo photos in all. I should have taken more, and annoyingly managed not to get any photos of the first act of the night - an improv set made up of Alice, Takashi, Tony and myself. But Suzanne video-recorded the performance so there'll be that, and it looks excellent.

Aaron offered to project his slides throughout the evening, and a couple of people took turns pressing the clicky to advance them. Amazing photographs. The projector was aimed at the intersection of two walls and the ceiling, giving the already slightly otherworldly images a further disjointedness. And the colours! Beautiful; really and truly I felt privileged seeing them. The selection of photographs posted here generally have a different one of Aaron's projections in each, though I don't think I photographed every slide change.

Music for Dead Birds (Jimmy solo with Alice McDowell)

Yawning Chasm (with TakashiCarré)

After the music

The exposure spanned two slides in this one, hence the nice double-exposure look to the image on the wall.
Towards the end I went around setting off the flash by hand

"Stance gives you Power"

Tony's kiss goodbye
The last one; Tony's holding up a piece of drum equipment, I don't know why. I like that Liam and Takashi are talking to each other in this one, being the two people who created the best music events this city's seen in the last few years. They're even wearing similar jackets!