Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuam Shtyles - waiting for the dead train, this cloud looks like Ireland, Quinn's Rustic Vaults, 1925

Tuam was the best way to end, and no busses necessary!

Limerick Shtyles - free art, Wireless Folk, the rise of Drive Box, Dry Cox, Jewanna New One and Dry Gretchen

In twenty-four(ish) hours in Limerick I was shouted at and/or chastised by four seperate complete strangers. I'll be back soon for sure, the place is a beauty.

Belmullet Shtyles - the Moth of Knowledge, Legend of the Shleepin Guy, Hedge-Leaping. Plus - the palm trees survived!

Dear dear Belmullet (but first: grand, grand Ballina)

Athlone Shtyles - Passionfruit Theatre and surrounds

Touring as part of Yawning Chasm on the Driftwood Manor album launch with At Last an Atlas also.