Friday, January 07, 2011

Right... So, three-week-old news

I supported Somadrone (with Patrick Kelleher) on the 20th December - I picked up a cassette copy of his album and it's bloody lovely; lush, warm and bassy but the live performance is definitely the best way to listen to it. I'm all for the ramshackle equipment/performance from bands and that but it's nice to see, in a relatively intimate setting, a band using amazing-sounding equipment and using it really really well. As usual I didn't feel hugely inclined to take photos but I managed a few. I was supposed to take some photos with Ian-from-Somadrone's camera but it died and I didn't know how to revive it so switched to my own camera. Turns out it was a fairly obvious fix...

PK's new stuff was completely brilliant, a new direction altogether, more upbeat and frenetic than You Look Cold - which is still one of my all-time most favourite albums - I can't wait for the new album.