Friday, January 07, 2011

Emily Aoibheann

Emily's done practically everything. Musician, writer, artist, performer, aerialist (!), actress, model... I met her through her Cixous Ghost incarnation on Myspace a while back. I got in touch when I saw that she was releasing a cassette of recordings -  Pestersome Nichts - made with a previous band named Holy Ghost Toast, a cassette that, along with a Rural Savage CD-R from the first Bethlemayhem, soundtracked many a happy breakfast-time while I was studying in Dublin. Geek Love is my favourite track from that tape; it's a floating wonderworld of a song, the non-percussion bit towards the end is just gorgeous. Thus began my down-the-rabbit-hole discovery of Emily's long list of creations and guises. A few weeks back she wanted a break from work in the large smoke so came down to visit for the weekend, which we filled with a little bit of wandering, raspberry sushi, photographs, face-smushing scanning, Father Ted and facepaint, barefoot snow frolics and chats and chats.

Having the old face painted:

I wasn't allowed look til it was finished

But I could take photos

Emily took these photos, obviously.

I enjoyed having my face painted immensely, and didn't want to wash it off. So we made a few ridiculous scans and watched more Father Ted.

Some scans from the previous night:

Running around in the snow in bare feet, taking instant photographs and throwing them down in the snow while they develop = instant photos that don't develop right and can't be seen without help from  technology.

Raspberry sushi: as weird looking as they are delicious

The front of Emily's slightly battered and rickety makeshift trolley, crossed with coloured bungee chord and unable to stand up by itself, bless.

The formatting on this post has gone all funny for some reason and I'm too tired now to go fixing it. You win again,