Friday, January 07, 2011

Bethlemayhem 2010

The Second Annual Christmas Gathering of Galway Indie and Underground Bands  aka Bethlemayhem 2 at the Roisin Dubh, 21st December 2010 etc.

Everything went relatively smoothly (except for one band not playing...) A Silver Mount Burren were denied the last act due to politics, but going on first was still pretty good, and was recorded well (by Brian), so that was good, good. Jimmy played drums with Aaron and I, our first time playing together with percussion and it was excellent; a little bit of structure didn't hurt us at all. Shame Jimmy lives far away. Everybody was otherwise great - Music for Dead Birds and Local Living Guy and Rural Savage. I don't know if it was just me but there was a strangely sterile air about the place preventing maximum enjoyment but oh well, there was noise and it was pleasing. I got shutter-happy later on in the evening. Walking the dark, frosty streets in a gang always feels a little like a movie. I always love looking back the next day over the photos from an inebriated evening, especially if I've recorded the various walks between places; these are kind of non-times in a way, the spaces between events, parties, houses, whatever and I always seem to find them important enough to record in detail. I'm also always surprised if there's a high incidence of sharpness. Though I took about 150 photographs and these handful are the less cackhanded ones.