Tuesday, January 11, 2011

House Music - Big Monster Love, Yawning Chasm, Paul O'Reilly, DeclanQKelly - 8-1-11

Second (though technically third) house gig. The house of Rachel, Sharon and I this time round.

I think we're starting to get into a sort of rhythm with these now. Plenty of people showed up and were really positive about the whole thing, due in no small part to the delicious buns Rachel and Sharon made for the occasion; I must have eaten a dozen and a half of the things... Again, Aaron's amazing photos were on display, with a handful of my own thrown in.

I was on first, performing a piece that I'd only just about finished putting together about a half an hour before playing, which is not something I never want to go through again. It doesn't have a name, it was basically several recordings of the sounds of the house - doors opening and closing; the sound of myself in the shower; camera clicks; Rachel and Sharon making the buns; sparklers set off in the back garden and the sound of an e-bow (Aaron's) on a toy guitar (left behind by Takashi) and other things. I then put the recordings together on two separate tracks, which I recorded onto a tape each. The two tapes were played simultaneously on two stereos placed at opposite sides of the room, while I made various sounds live. Jay took some photos and Sharon made some videos and the cat didn't knock anything over. Sincerest thanks to all three!

The parts played back on the tapes can be heard hereifyoulike.

This was my first time seeing Big Monster Love live, and pretty much my introduction to his music generally, having heard only bits and pieces previously. He was great; funny and heartfelt, and completely attuned to the atmosphere of the whole enterprise. His debut album is out the 4th of February so it is and I'll be getting one for sure.

And then

Next one in Paul O'Reilly's house! Then somebody else must host, it's time for this to spread out...

Bootleg mp3s of the gig to follow.

Edit: from the Sonic Séance (Aaron, Annemarie and I) set of the first house gig at Paul O'Reilly's
  Hercules by Sonic Séance