Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Graffiti Forum

 After weeks of not following through on this idea I finally followed through on it this evening.

 This board wall lines about 150 metres of the road to the Gateway Retail Park in Knocknacarra and I first saw the graffiti a few weeks ago. I don't think any explanation is really required, and I would probably cheapen the whole thing anyway with my poor description. All I'll say is it makes me smile.

I tried to take the photographs in as close to a straight line as possible, and avoided giving any one section too much prominence. Composition was as democratic as possible - I merely aimed to cover the entire wall in chunks. I decided to shoot this at night, with a hand held flash (lots of running around - despite the cold night I ended up breaking into a mild sweat) because I wanted to mimic the actions and methods of the people whose work I was photographing.

One wide shot of my favourite section. I think I'll go back another time (with spare batteries too - by the end the flash was taking ages to recycle) and photograph the wall with a little more emphasis on composition. I love the shapes and textures of the bits of the board that have been torn out juxtaposed with the hurried, irregular lines of the graffiti.