Thursday, June 21, 2012

Broken is good so it is

One of the perks to working in a camera shop is that occasionally a person will drop in a camera to be recycled. Normally the cameras are broken beyond (reasonably priced) repair, and won't even switch on. But sometimes the camera will switch on, and its problems can be a boon if you love a good bit of broken equipment that doesn't do quite what it's supposed to...

The camera doesn't always go completely nuts and when it's closest to being properly functioning the results are over-contrasted, green and yellow tinged goodnesses. The photos look really similar to a cross processed slide film. But when it goes completely nuts this happens:

What's amazing about some of these (especially the last one) is how similar they look to the ends you sometimes get from a processed roll of film. Well, maybe that's not amazing, but I got excited when I saw them.