Monday, June 18, 2012

"It were an accident, I swear" with Raising Holy Sparks, the beach, some mirrors and some mild neck-ache

These are from March and April gone; the first four are photos taken around about Dublin with Vicky and Dave the afternoon before this gig, Raising Holy Sparks supporting Grouper in the Unitarian church. Not for the first time (and, I resignedly presume, nor the last) I didn't mark the film correctly (or at all, probably) and put it right back in the same camera when it was done. The other layer on these first four are from a walk with Zara around the bay behind Blake's Hill (the serendipity of which has only just struck me now, what with the first Raising Holy Sparks album being named after this bay) (if I'm not mistaken).


This one is in fact a triple exposure (tilt yer head anti-clockwise, then clockwise, then anti-clockwise again)

And the rest of the film, taken around Renmore and Grattan beach that weird few days in April with the really nice weather times. Also the film got mangled in the film processor, hence the gouges.