Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sparks raised

Thank you Aaron,
thank you Dave,
thank you Paul,
thank you Vicky

for the beauty that was the gig on Friday. Aaron for the amazing slideshow and the surrounding sound (and for hurrying so madly up the stairs to get the wav recorder when my own one died); Dave for the gorgeous and lush new material and the honour of playing with him (here's to the first of many Raising Holy Sparks gigs); Paul for the excellent hosting skills complete with snack-smörgåsbord (mini Mars bars - inspired choice!); thank you Vicky for the glimpse of freedom in sound and infecting me with laughter (and I'd carry Wavin Friday to the bottom of the sea and back if needs be!)

More photos to follow, but not at two aay emm.

I spent far too many neptagoggins this weekend.

Tomorrow - return to the car park.