Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cork, Black Sun, Backstreets Back, Alright

I feel like the camera has been clamped to my face this last week or so. This evening I'm gonna wade through the billions of photographs produced by a week that included a trip to Cork to see probably the most eye/ear-opening gig I've ever witnessed and two very enjoyable gigs of my own. Also this week: losing my keys, then sort-of losing someone else's keys; cross-town-massive-bag-transport; workworkwork and surprise Christmas tree! The sitting room smells like childhood with the tree in the corner.

The photo above is of Sionnach and Ali's game of peek-a-boo in the Pavillion in Cork, where last minute gig re-arrangements for Vicky's Black Sun night (my first time attending!) were feverishly, calmly being made.

I didn't take any digital photos of the gig - I'd prepared some pre-exposed film for it (night images of lit up moving water), so only took a handful of film photographs, which hopefully I won't take ages to get developed. There was another, far more capable, photographer present at the gig and she took some excellent photos, of performers Francis Heery and Usurper aka my Favourite Thing Right Now. No photos of the first act, the Sacred Harp Shape Note Singers of Cork, possibly because they were bathed in absolutely no light making them extremely difficult to photograph. They were absolutely mighty though, twelve-ish people in a circle singing their guts up.

So I happily left the camera down and smiled and giggled my way through the gig, beaming til my cheeks hurt through Usurper's set in particular. OH AND THE VEGAN CAKES. Deadly. Pints after in the Crane Lane, some ace chats were had, then home to VickyDaveSionnach's house for time with the cats and some of the best late night night potato-and-onion rings I've had in many million moons. A hurried visit to see Harry Clarke's stained class exhibit in the Crawford Gallery (which I'd coincidentally seen earlier this year in Dublin, waiting for the rest of my class to arrive on a trip to the Hugh Lane gallery in Dublin). Then the semi-epic bus trip back to Galway. And I can't wait to go back to Cork.