Monday, December 13, 2010

Citóg 10-12-10

Visuaganza at Citóg with live projections. Lordy but this one took some rushed organisation but it came good, and not one thing went wrong.

Dave and Jay Citóg fixing my shabby screen hanging.

Projected were (thanks to Barry's DVD collection and Paul's laptop) 'The Pit and the Pendulum'  and 'Tideland' along with Conor Walsh's original visuals. We also used Aaron's excellent abstracty slides.

In between times

Michael took these (surprisingly cat-free) photos of Aaron and I. There were so many good photos in the loads and loads he took, I was really happy to see how well they came out. He even took a little video, which is class cos we completely forgot to record the thing, so at least we have a 35 second chunk. But sometimes it's good to lose the details and leave it to the memory to fill in the blanks, or not.

There were loads of Aaron with his back turned.


A gig at Citóg wouldn't be the same if I didn't leave something small but important behind and this one was no different - thank you Aaron for letting me sleep on the couch after I left my house keys in the Cellar. Next time maybe I'll leave behind everything I own so I no longer have to worry about losing all of it.