Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh look! Words!

I've been looking at blogs. Then a person I know had a blog and it had words. There's no real reason for this to have words but I suppose, if there are words then maybe it seems more... more like there's point. Anyway.
Who the hell's gonna be reading this anyways? But anyway, that's not the point.

I made this thing so I could have a place away from flickr where I'm not bothering with wondering about how many views the photo gets or how many comments there are or any of that ridiculous stuff, and since I started it (though I haven't used it in months) I've found I've gone off flickr quite a bit. Maybe it's just coincidence, it probably is, well no, actually it probably isn't.

I thought I would only put one type of photo on here, the ones more concerned with strange semi-natural lighting you encounter on the street, but I'm gonna broaden that I think to all artificial light that comes from things other than conventional lights normally associated with, say,studio photography. So it's gonna be streetlights, car headlights, the light from a TV, from phones, reflected light (or 'second-hand sunlight' which I may or may not continue calling it) and whatever else I encounter.

I'm not sure what attracts me, I suppose it's something to do with the serendipity of it. But also the semi-naturalness of it. Light that does stuff for which it wasn't originally intended, like the streetlight installed for security but ends up being a perfect spot for an absolutely inconsequential bush, made famous in a photograph. Or the headlight of a car that's just pulling away from its parking spot but for about two seconds lights up the metal piping cover on the footpath. Complete banality elevated to a sort of significance by pure chance, and its significance cemented by being photographed.

I think I need to think it through, or, to be more accurate, I need to write about it more. I'll figure out why I take photographs of these things. For now I suppose it suffices that I just think they look good.

I've also started doing more self-portraits; well, I have been since I got a digital camera in March, but only recently have I been comfortable with sharing them. Lights seem to come into it quite a lot, maybe it's a comfort thing for me - I don't feel so egocentric if there's another point of focus in the photo, some sort of strange lighting effect or technique. But I think it works for the sake of the photo too.