Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some light and some shoes and some

I'm pretty proud of this one; it was one of the first digital photos I took that I was really happy with, though it was an awakening of sorts to the danger of digital - I took about 25 photos of this rock and when I got home I had to sit down and pick the best one... So I don't take many photos of the same thing anymore, and if I do I delete them in camera at the time and decide there and then which one is the best looking one. Much less time in front of the computer, more time for porridge ymmm...

Lost shoes have been a favourite thing of mine for as long as I've been taking photographs. Not just the inherent small mystery of them but the fact that they look so expectant. A friend summed it up with the phrase "empty shoes".

I'm beginning to get the hang of the whole format of this blog, hopefully I can make it a little less all over the shop, though not too much so. I think this is sort of influenced by this (by Ralph Gibson as part of his "Somnambulist" series) which is one of my favourite photos.

More second hand sunlight, though this one might just be a little too subtle. I've been trying out some brightness/colour things, quite liking the results so far though some practice will be good. I wonder if someone looking at this photo would actually see anything of worth in it. Not, I mean, that it would make a difference to me; I'll still take these photographs, I suppose I'm just wondering about the nature of seeing in general. It's enough for me at the moment that I like it.