Sunday, April 13, 2014

Past is Present

A recent photography project for college required the use of photomontage, and the first thing I thought of was this series of photos by Jo Hedwig (!) Teeuwisse. So I decided I would do pretty much the same thing with Galway. Obviously, this being Galway and not wartime France, the images are not nearly as emotionally resonant. Also they probably won't be too interesting to people unfamiliar with Galway. And my technique is a good deal shoddier in places... But still, it was a fun project.

Shop Street

Featuring the old tram that used to go out to Salthill

Claddagh Basin

Check out the guy posing on the roof of the building on the right!


The day I took my corresponding photo was exactly like the one the lady over on the far right was experiencing.

Fishmarket (Spanish Parade)

Franciscan Abbey
The Abbey is pretty much exactly as grey in real life as it is in this monochrome photo, so it wasn't really an effective choice I suppose. But there are interesting details, like the fence and lamp-post.

Railway Hotel/Meyrick Hotel

The hotel since added another floor to the top, so I let that peek out in the montage

Kirwan's Lane

This was, I'm fairly sure, only taken in the 80's or 90's
Lynch Memorial Window

Not actually a photograph, but it worked

Mill Course

Taken before the Cathedral was erected in 1965, the dome of which is these days only just visible behind the old Persse mill. I wanted to make sure it was visible in the montage though. The mill itself is now dilapidated and without its roof and chimney.

Nimmo's Pier

Spanish Arch

William Street

This was easily the most awkward one for montage, which I nearly abandoned (and probably should have) a couple of times

Railway Bridge/Wood Quay

I was most pleased with this one, and it took the most effort to get the modern-day photo as the site from which this was taken is part of a private rowing club. I had to hang around the fence like a weirdo and get the attention of some club members to let me in, which they did without fuss. I took a few photographs and fortunately one of them lined up pretty well. I'm not sure where the cannon is from, there were a couple of them there.

I set a slideshow of them to this: