Sunday, October 07, 2012

Blooming Rust - double exposures with Aoife Barry

Aoife (a friend, music knower and sort of journalistic wonder-woman) took photographs of flowers around Dublin in September on some Kodak Elite Chrome 200ISO slide film, posted the roll to me and I took my sweet time getting around to my own layer, which consists (mostly) of macro photographs of peeling paint and rusting street furniture around Salthill. Amazingly enough, even though we both used different cameras (she a Canon A-1; I a Fujica) and didn't mark the film, the layers lined up perfectly! I think that's happened to me maybe once before, and then only because there was a complicated (as in, messy) marking system used that sort of takes the joy out of it.

Unfortunately my layer tends to over power many of the photos, I must have forgotten to adjust the exposures. But for the most part it works, there are some amazing, vibrant colours and textures in there, and the last photo is particularly well aligned.

Check out Aoife's Flickr and Lomography accounts, and her website