Sunday, September 04, 2011

Edinburgh - North Berwick - Ardrossan - Arran Island - Edinburgh

 I don't think I'm any good at holiday photos.

 North Berwick

Local Living By the Sea

The tiniest lampshade


Daisy, cat


The wailing yachts

Obligatory ball shot

 Arran Island

Gable end

Forgot to go!


"Sure we'll just hitch, surely someone will pick us up - this is an island!"

Sheep ghetto

 Edinburgh Again

Loud cobbles of Calton Terrace


Climbin' up on Calton Hill

Edinburgh's Folly, Nelson's Monument, City Observatory, some grass and a path and two trees


St. Andrew Square


I walked by her and she was standing entirely motionless in front of little pile of cigarette butts holding something in her hands.


University of Edinburgh, Old College