Monday, June 20, 2011

Galway Music Feature in the Irish Times

This is pretty special - being featured in a national newspaper with both music and photographs. Aoife Barry's truly excellent and heartfelt piece for the Irish Times about the burgeoning scene/series of occurances/collaborative community/whateveryouwannacallit came out last Friday and had myself and The Moon stood like idiots beside the newspaper section of the local supermarket gibbering and giggling at the sight and mention of ourselves and our friends in newspaper print.

These are the orginal versions of the two photographs featured:

 Above is a self-portrait taken May of last year, below is in the car park last March.

As for the article itself, I couldn't be happier with it. Aoife somehow managed to boil down hours of interviews into a coherent and fairly accurate description of the state of things here at the moment. She felt there was more to say though and has started writing blog posts on her Sweet Oblivion blog utilising more of this interview fodder, which is great. The interview was my first ever in a musical context, or in a non-job-or-education-related contexted for that matter, and it was easy peasy. The whole thing just felt like a conversation really, I felt pretty at ease talking to Aoife and just plain enjoyed talking chatting to her; she's personable, knowledgeable and genuinely interested, and can write a mean article to boot. It's cool to see hard-working and talented friends here getting recognition. And I got two photos published wheeeee.

G-g-g-Galway! (Shoulda been the headline by the way.)