Monday, April 04, 2011

Parlour Tricks - 19-3-11, Yawning Chasm, Brigid Power-Ryce, Music for Dead Birds, Poppy Nuckels with special guest appearance from Nic Cage

My recording/documentation of this gig was shockingly inconsistent owing to my losing my camera not once but thrice, and placing the recording device RIGHT NEXT TO the humming projector. Thankfully Sharon, Sinead and Sarah took loads of excellent photos, and maybe something can be done to fix the sound recordings...

Sarah's photos:

Sharon's photos:


There's also a nice video clip of YC's set but blogger's giving my gyp about uploading it, so it'll have to wait.

Sinéad's photos:

 Watching the perfection that is "Vampire's Kiss"

 One of Aaron's lovely slides, with Kate's wonky globe-light

Table of delight/the light

Pre-gig hoop-toss shenanigans

I took some photos of the amazing Sugar Moon vegan cupcakes for Paula on her first outing outside of Cork(!), before every single one of them was bought and hungrily, vampirikly devoured:

This was a serious group effort of a thing that I would not even have come close to have been able to do by myself - Sinéad not only did an amazing set and took photographs of everything but she also ferried lots of things and peoples (having bought an actual ferry just for the occasion) to and fro, and cooked a scrumptious meal for them that came early enough to watch Vampire's Kiss. Kate loaned out her lamp collection and made tasty and challenging-to-eat-without-making-a-mess (the best kind of food) sushi. Rachel and Sharon helped make the place look deadly and able to accommodate the I-don't-know-how-many-people-showed-up-but-it-was-a-lot-of people and generally kept me well away from the brink of freaking out cos I can barely organise words in sentences, never mind a gig (see: this sentence). And Rachel made breakfast the next day! The music was impeccable, unsurprisingly. And everybody bought all the cupcakes supplied by Paula and Vicky, which was brilliant but not in the least bit unexpected. Sarah Mixtapes took a lovely series of photos of the aftermath of the music, which can be seen on her excellent blog here. And people came to the yoke, lots of em, and had a merry time.

And nothing went wrong generally. Except I lost my camera regularly cos I'm a goon and so have no photos of Sinead's or Brigid's sets. And the sound on the DVD was terrible (I think due to my crummy DVD player [thanks a lot Dunnes Stores]) necessitating the employment of subtitles for the movie (which actually led to all sorts of hilarity). But overall it was a complete success and my favourite one yet. The whole weekend was a beauty (see the day before and the day after). People came from Waterford, Monaghan and Cork for chrissakes.

I'm thinking of sort-of formalising the thing, this series of house gigs, which really just entails naming it (Parlour Tricks? suggestions welcome...) for the moment. At least three more will be happening in the coming months in any case, nameless or no, and they're gonna be so great. It'll be a grand summer.

Taken by Sarah