Sunday, February 13, 2011

Broken Camera Scene

One of the perks of working in a camera shop is that occasionally a person will drop in a camera to be recycled. Normally the cameras are broken beyond (reasonably priced) repair, and won't even switch on. But sometimes the camera will switch on, and its "issues" become highly erratic quirks that are completely encouraged if you love a good bit of broken equipment that doesn't do quite what it's supposed to.

An unflattering self-portrait (maybe all self portraits should be demonstrably unflattering in some way...); and below, the camera can do up to 8 second exposures, which is gonna be fun trying out outdoors.


The sensor doesn't always go completely nuts and when it's closest to being fully-functioning the results are over-contrasted, green and yellow tinged goodnesses. The photos look really similar to a cross processed slide film. But when it goes completely wonkaloid this happens:

What's amazing about some of these (especially the last one) is how similar they look to the ends you sometimes get from a processed roll of film. Well, maybe that's not amazing, but I got excited when I saw them.

Video mode is also hugely fun - the exposure meter goes completely wonky when faced with too much light or too much of a change of light intensity (especially at around 2m18s in this video where I followed Alice around for a bit)

The song in the background is Patrick Kelleher's cover of Squarehead's "Fake Blood", found on Quarter Inch's Quompilation #1, wot I bought from Wingnut Records at Bell Book and Candle. Enough with the links! Okay one more