Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old, for Instants

 I took these Instax photos on the 26th September 2009 at my first ever gig, in a shed behind number 236 South Circular Road, Dublin - aka The Box Social.

My first audience!

Well, part of it anyways. I counted 13 people, all told... I planned on doing this for every gig I played, but I chickened out after the third or fourth one. It's a weird enough sensation being looked at by a group of people in a dark room without holding up a distinctly funny looking camera too.

 is this:

 Children Under Hoof

 United Bible Studies

 A very nice chap named Bren Talbot took some videos of the gig, which was nice.

It's cool looking back at these now, I'm really glad I had the wherewithal to record the event, as usually I'm not so good at photographing important things. I know there are more photographs but I left some dotted around the shed and house, to be found by whoever found them the next day.