Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'd used these photographs in the portfolio I hastily put together for the college interview last year. I then continued to use the book they were in as a visual diary in the second half of the school year, completely forgetting about these. I came across them again when I went rooting around in the stuff under my bed.

It's really good to see them again, as a lot of them were new photographs at the time that I'd not yet gotten used to seeing. The camera I used for the square photographs has only had one or two ventures out since taking these photos, and I still haven't finished the roll of film I loaded, which I feel bad about; it's like I've abandoned it. I feel like that about a couple of my cameras recently as I've noticed I've been using the digital one a lot more. Plus I've got a handful of undeveloped film in a red box under my bed that glowers at me reproachfully every time I go looking around there for something other than it. Some of the films are months old... I've got to get back developing, I do miss it. If I don't that box is gonna start making noise like the Tell-Tale Heart. Or something.