Monday, October 04, 2010

A fisht o'burgers

Last Sunday I video'd and photographed the Tullykyne Vintage Run, in aid of the Parkinson's Association. Look away now if you don't want to see copious amounts of tractor photographs.

Not normally being something I would go out of my way to do, I overcame some initial trepidation and got into cataloguing the various machines on show. Mostly there were tractors but there were a few cars, scooters and bikes, and a sidecar! I was fairly jealous of the kid who got to ride in it. If ever there was an activity made for wearing a long scarf and goggles, it's riding in a sidecar. I started out by photographing each machine as uniformly as possible (which was difficult as my broken camera tilts slightly to the left, and I only sporadically remembered to compensate for it, which is worse than never compensating for it...)

I sort of exhausted my capacity for maintaining a uniform approach and just photographed odd bits.

 I couldn't resist doing some of the typical dynamic-angle photos of a Hillman Minx

Some of the grill ornaments and various lettering was lovely, so I reverted back to the cataloguing

After the initial bit with the arrival of the various vehicles came the Run itself. The route traced its way along some narrow roads, through countryside and bogland. I was in an open topped car driven by Dad, with Mam, sister and nephew in the back trying their best to shelter from the wind. We drove ahead of the group a couple of times to set ourselves up to record  them passing by. Inevitably, there was much tooting of horns.

This guy brought his dog everywhere.

Sure it was a grand day. After there were drinks and burgers in the nearby pub, and the video turned out good too, huzzah!