Saturday, July 10, 2010

Incidental Graffiti

Similar in a way to the previous post, these are markings on street furnishings and walls made either directly or indirectly by people; incidental graffiti (which is possibly a crap name for it but oh well). One of these, the "you" photo, is purely a result of my selective interpretation of a chance occurrence, so in a way it doesn't really count... but the rest are more (semi) natural occurrences. Some, like the second last, are caused by nature while others, like the last, are caused by human activity and are generally incidental. Stains made on walls by I don't know what, lines of a dead creeping vine traced onto a building and bright scars etched into concrete as a result of a long past and forgotten minor accident. It's difficult to see these things because they're so blatantly unimportant, but once you do see them they're everywhere.