Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm very tired, but and but

Things are starting to get blurry.

Last couple of weeks of school and it's sandpaper-in-the-eyes and squinting-when-you-think time. Into the mix is moving my stuff back home the same way I moved it here; bit by bit in a rucksack on the bus every Friday. Also, there's an amazing enlarger going free from a college that doesn't want it anymore, all I have to do to get it is provide transportation, which is within reach. The flipping thing is almost eight feet tall and un-dismantleable, so my Dad (he of the infinite favours) is in touch with a guy who drives a van for a living, and makes regular-ish excursions up here and back. Now it's just a matter of aligning my schedule with his and with the contact at the college, which means many phone calls. I'm beginning to think that maybe my recent preoccupation with open van doors is a subconscious, primal yearning for a van of my own *sigh* and all the wondrous connotations of space and convenience they illicit. Also the ability to drive and a full licence would be nice/necessary.