Monday, April 05, 2010


While I was shooting the 'Ways' roll I wanted to keep it consistently vertical, so any off-topic photos I took were all vertical.

The first is a quite badly taken photo of Paddy, both mid-blink and mid-word. I like it for the fact that he looks like he's making a comically shady phone call.

The second is of Ger and Will in the hall just before we left. Ger is enthusing about biscuits. He went and bought some for us for the bus down and they were only delicious, fulfilling his promise of quality though not quite besting my favourite - Fox's Classic Crunch.

The third is of Aaron aka Yawning Chasm, reclining not-completely-uncomfortably as I take his photo.

Fouth and fifth should technically be side by side as a sort of diptych, maybe I'll upload that later... Patrick and his mug and Patrick's mug.