Monday, March 22, 2010

Auld Shtock

I've found myself, for one reason or another, looking at old photographs I took when I was still just getting into photography; these were taken with a Holga, a plastic piece of crap Chinese camera known for producing dreamlike, lo-fi photographs, though it's incredibly hit and miss.

I rarely got anything good out of the Holga; I put maybe a dozen rolls of film through it and I think the success rate was roughly two decent photos per roll. I just never really got the hang of it I suppose, and I never really bought into the whole aesthetic around it. But I did get some stuff I was happy with, and I enjoyed experimenting with it; there's no danger of taking things too seriously when you're holding one.

I might give it another go come summer. It's best suited to bright weather when there's plenty of colour about (the built in colourflash on the model I got is pretty hideous, I wish I'd gone for one with a hotshoe) and I think cross-processed slide film is the way to go. Though I might find my lo-fi aspirations have been spoiled by having used a (borrowed) Mamiya and a (also borrowed) Hasselblad...